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Bioluminescent Bay

Puerto Rico Resort near Bioluminescent Bay

A Bioluminescent Bay tour tops the list of must-do activities for guests staying at Copamarina Beach Resort. This popular attraction is a favorite for children and adults, offering a rare glimpse into a natural phenomenon found few places in the world.
Bioluminescent Bay tours can be arranged through the Activities Desk at Copamarina Beach Resort. For ultimate convenience, book your Bioluminescent Bay tour at the same time you make your Copamarina Beach Resort hotel reservations.

Guánica, Puerto Rico Hotel & Bioluminescent Bay Travel Guide -

Among the most intriguing attractions of Puerto Rico is the famous Bioluminescent Bay. Illuminated by micro-organisms, Bioluminescent Bay glows neon in the evening darkness when the water is disturbed. Bioluminescent Bay is located.in the nearby town of La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay tours offer visitors the opportunity to swim in Bioluminescent Bay for an experience unlike any other.
Guánica, Puerto Rico Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay - A Natural Wonder -

Experience Mother Nature at work when you visit Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico. Mangrove trees that nourish the micro-organisms, cool deep water, a small channel preventing the micro-organisms from flowing to the ocean, and a lack of development around the bay provide the optimum conditions of Bioluminescent Bay.

Bioluminescent Bay Tours -

A number of reputable Puerto Rico tour companies offer Bioluminescent Bay toursAsk the Copamarina Beach Resort Activities specialists for Bioluminescent Bay tour recommendations. Many tour operators accept reservations weeks in advance.
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