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Road 333 Km 6.5, Guánica, Puerto Rico 00653-0805
Dive Sites

There are 50 dive sites around Guanica alone!

  • Copamarina Beach Resort Guanica, Puerto Rico Snorkeling

    The Wall -

    One mile off-shore, the continental shelf drops off, creating a spectacular and dramatic marine Wall 22-miles long. The Wall is the Caribbean's newest world-class dive destination. This spectacular dive Wall has a series of slopes and sheer drop-offs that start at 30 feet to 120 feet before disappearing into a 2,000-foot drop, well beyond diver depths.
  • The Aquarium -

    Minutes from the beach by boat, The Aquarium offers shallow dives of 50 feet or less and features three distinct ecosystems. A sandy bottom is home to eels, hermit crabs and anemones. Second, a large head system (one head is estimated to be over 1,000 years old) is home to a variety of small fish, anemones, worms, clams, and other marine life. The third system is a coral system comprised of species of soft and hard coral, as well as sponges.
  • Fallen Rock Wall -

    Located just 40 minutes from dockside, The Trench is a series of spur and grove formations that go as deep as 110 feet.
  • Copamarina Beach Resort Guanica, Puerto Rico Snorkeling

    The Pozas -

    The Pozas, a popular dive site for student training and night dives, is an island reef in a sandy area with a depth of 40 to 55 feet. Formed from a limestone base, this site features rock formations covered in red encrusting sponges and gardens of Gorgonians, Sea Fans, and Barrel Sponges. The white sand base and volcanic lava provide the background for protruding ledges up to 15 feet high.
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