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Road 333 Km 6.5, Guánica, Puerto Rico 00653-0805
Things to Do

Guánica, Puerto Rico - Things to Do 

Discover exciting things to do in Puerto Rico when you vacation at Copamarina Beach Resort in Guánica. With convenient access to Puerto Rico activities and famous attractions in Puerto Rico, there is always something fun to do near Copamarina Beach Resort.

Guánica State Forest -

Arid and dry, Guánica State Forest is a stark contrast from the lush rainforests of Puerto Rico. The forest is the largest of its kind in the world and is designated by the United Nations as a Biosphere Reserve. Guánica State Forest is home to rare and endangered plants and animals, including bird species that are native to Puerto Rico and found only in this forest. Guánica State Forest offers 36 miles of hiking trails, stunning views, and beach access. Visit
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Guánica, Puerto Rico Ponce Museum of Art

Ponce Museum of Art Collection -

Museo de Arte de Ponce features an impressive permanent collection of more than 4,500 objects from around the world. While the works of world cultures are represented in the museum's collection, Museo de Arte de Ponce is best known for 19th century English paintings and Baroque paintings from the 17th century.
Also represented are important works by Puerto Rican and Latin American artists. In addition to the museum's permanent collection, Museo de Arte de Ponce hosts traveling exhibitions throughout the year. Ponce Museum

Gilligan's Island -

Gilligan's Island is the perfect destination for a relaxing day of snorkeling and resting under the shade of mangroves. Tiny beaches dot the island, offering visitors plenty of room to find a quiet corner. Gilligan's Island also offers calm waters for swimming and is a suitable destination for families with small children. Gilligan's Island

Bioluminescent Bay -

A Bioluminescent Bay tour tops the list of must-do activities for guests staying at Copamarina Beach Resort. This popular attraction is a favorite for children and adults, offering a rare glimpse into a natural phenomenon found few places in the world. Copamarina is twenty minutes away from the Bioluminescent Bay and directions can be provided at the front desk. Reservations for the Bay are not necessary. Bioluminescent Bay

The Wall at Playa Santa -

Experience the most famous scuba diving spot in Guánica at The Wall. A continental shelf dropping more than 1,500 feet, The Wall supports a diverse ecosystem of stunning marine life. Large deep sea fish, black coral, neon reef fish and other sea life are abundant along The Wall. Dolphins, eels and turtles are also commonly seen. Consult the Copamarina Beach Resort diving experts for more information.
Guánica, Puerto Rico Centro Ceremonial Indígena

Centro Ceremonial Indígena -

On the outskirts of Ponce, Centro Ceremonial Indigena is one of the largest and most important archeological landmarks in Puerto Rico. Discovered in the 1970s, Centro Ceremonial Indigena is a compound of plazas believed to date back as far as 400AD. Archeological data indicate that the site was occupied primarily through 1,000AD, with the most recent inhabitants being the Taino people. A museum is located on the grounds. Visit

Castillo Serralles -

Step back in time to 1930's Ponce, Puerto Rico with a visit to Castillo Serralles. Once the home of the Serralles family that made its fortune in sugar cane and rum, Castillo Serralles today is a museum. The mansion features original furnishings and décor. Tours include a video of the Serralles family history, a visit to the Butterfly Garden, and peaks into the mansion's bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and upstairs patio for panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and downtown Ponce. Visit

Hacienda Buena Vista -

Visit one of the finest examples of a coffee plantation Puerto Rico at Hacienda Buena Vista in Ponce. Built in the mid-19th century, Hacienda Buena Vista at one time produced more than 10,000 pounds of coffee annually for distribution to Europe. The historic plantation features warehouses, a hurricane shelter, slave quarters, carriage house, coffee mill, the manor house and other buildings. Visit

Arecibo Observatory -

Arecibo Observatory is home to the largest single-dish radio telescope in the world. The Observatory, part of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, features the Angel Ramos Foundation Visitor Center which offers interactive exhibits and displays that explore the basics of astronomy, atmospheric science and radio telescopes. Visit
Guánica, Puerto Rico Basílica Monserrate

Basílica Monserrate -

Known formally as Basilica Menor de la Virgen de Monserrate, this historic landmark in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico dates back centuries. The Basilica features Spanish-influenced architecture and serves as an important anchor in charting the histories of Puerto Rico families and their descendents. Visit

Porta Coeli -

Situated on the main plaza in the small town of San German, Porta Coeli is a historic Catholic church dating back to the 1600s. The bright pink structure was recently restored and serves now as a charming museum. Among the displays are rare and intricately carved religious figurines from Spain, Puerto Rico and other Latin American origins. Visit

Plaza Colon, Mayaguez -

Visit the historic Plaza Colon city center of Mayaguez. The Plaza is a major gathering spot for local and tourists and is the setting for many special events and entertainment. Plaza Colon, named for Christopher Columbus whose Spanish surname is Colon, features a large statue of the explorer and over a dozen other bronze statues. Visit

Rio Camuy Caves -

Explore one of the largest cave systems in the world on your vacation to Puerto Rico. Rio Camuy Caves in Hatillo were carved by the Camuy River which is the third largest underwater river on earth. Over 200 caves spanning more than 10 miles have been mapped, yet many scientists believe that the network extends much farther. A portion of the cave system is open to the public at Camuy River Cave Park. Visit
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