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Things to Do in Guánica

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Located on a harbor in the southwestern portion of Puerto Rico, Guánica was founded in the early 16th century by famed explorer Juan Ponce de Leon and was, for several years, the island’s de facto capital. Today, Guánica is a vibrant city, embracing contemporary innovation while still treasuring its storied origins. Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa is ideally placed to enable you to enjoy the very best of the area – from museums and cultural landmarks to exciting outdoor activities. 

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Finca El Girasol

Breathtaking and family oriented, Guanica’s Sunflower Farm is not to be missed.

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Fuerte Capron

Take a step back in time to the ruins of an Old World Spanish fortress.

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Gilligan Island

Surrounded by a healthy mangrove system, Gilligan’s Island is a snorkelers haven with crystal clear waters with schools of tropical fish, and a few places with live healthy coral.  Bring your own snorkeling gear or rent / buy at the main island in Guanica or nearby towns.  If you’re a beginner snorkeler or you would like to get your children started, Gilligan’s is a great place to learn.  The gentle currents slowly push you down the beach as you snorkel or float.

Experience the beauty and serenity with us! 

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Guanica State Forest

Arid and dry, Guánica State Forest provides a stark contrast to the lush rainforests of Puerto Rico.

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Join Scuba Dogs on this adventure to explore the beautiful marine life, snorkeling or diving the Guánica Biosphere Reserve. 

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Porta Coeli

Situated on the main plaza in the small town of San German, Porta Coeli is a historic Catholic church dating back to the 17th century.

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Ponce Museum of Art Collection

While this famous museum features an impressive permanent collection of more than 4,500 objects from around the world, Museo de Arte de Ponce is perhaps best known for its 17th century Baroque art and its 19th century English paintings.

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Castillo Serralles

Experience a journey back in time to 1930's Ponce, Puerto Rico with a visit to Castillo Serralles.

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Hacienda Buena Vista

Hacienda Buena Vista provides one of the finest examples of a classic Puerto Rican coffee plantation.

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Caja de Muertos

This picturesque island is ferry ride off the coast of Ponce.

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Basílica Monserrate

Known formally as Basilica Menor de la Virgen de Monserrate, this historic landmark in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico dates back centuries.

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Plaza Colon, Mayaguez

The historic Plaza Colon, named for Christopher Columbus (whose Spanish surname is Colon), serves as the city center of the town of Mayaguez.

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